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Alaskan Razor Clams

Rusty and his crew spend their summers up to their knees in clam beds. Which is just how they like it.

Fresh ocean currents, rich nutrients and a lotta love go into each Alaskan razor clam. But the harvest season is short: May through August. So the harvest teams actually live on the beach for three months to make sure they get the clams at their peak. When the tide is low, clam diggers wade out to the beds and harvest each one by hand, and then clean and vacuum seal them for shipment to us. You can almost taste Alaska in every bite.


  • Alaskan Razor Clam
  • Ken Chapin, Yoke's Meat Merchandiser (2nd in from left W/ black hat) and Joe Hanson, Yoke's Senior Vice President of Operations (center back), with all the diggers
  • Rusty showing off the plane & cargo area
  • The bridge to and from the cabins and the beaches
  • The bridge to and from the cabins and the beaches
  • Ken Chapin, Yoke's Meat Merchandiser, getting muddy
  • The professional diggers
  • Removing from the shells
  • Cleaning the clams
  • Weighing out and packaging
  • Rusty with the finished product ready to be shipped off in the plane