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Coupon Policy

Manufacturer Printed Coupons:

Yoke’s accepts all valid manufacturer coupons.

Coupons may not be stacked; meaning, more than one coupon for a single item will not be accepted.*

Coupons must have valid expiration date. Expired coupons will not be accepted.

Coupons must be legible and contain valid remit address for manufacturer.

Coupons must have a bar code.

Coupon value cannot exceed retail price of item. Coupons with value exceeding the retail price of an item will be adjusted down to the current retail price of the item.


Internet Printed Coupons:

Yoke’s will accept valid internet coupons.

Coupons must be legible.

Coupons must contain a valid bar code.

Coupons must have serial code and follow an industry standard format.

Coupons must contain manufacturer name and valid remit address.

We will not accept internet printed coupons for free product.


Competitor Printed Coupons:

Yoke’s will accept competitor coupons from other area “retail grocery stores.”

Coupons accepted will be for specific item and price only.

Coupons for competitor’s private label can be redeemed for Yoke’s private label provided Yoke’s carries a private label for the same product and size specified on coupon.

Yoke’s will not accept competitor coupons for dollar or cents off, percent off, buy one get one free, or double or triple off.


Yoke’s reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.

*A valid manufacturer coupon can be used in combination with a valid Yoke’s in-store coupon or competitor coupon.