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Seaview Maine Lobster

It’s the next best thing to having the North Atlantic on your doorstep.

Tom and Kevin Flanigan started fishing for lobster with their father, Mike, 30 years ago. Lucky for us, they still fish today in the same Kittery Maine lobster grounds where they started. The family-owned Seaview Lobster is a simple operation that hearkens back to a centuries-old seafaring culture. Freshly caught lobsters are brought to their waterfront building where they’re stored in chilled North Atlantic ocean water. From there they are packed and shipped live to select places around the globe. We’re thrilled to be one of them.


  • Seaview Lobster Co - Beauty Shot

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Boat Crew

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Warehouse

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Brothers

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Trap

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Tom, Ken, & Owners

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Employee Holding 11 Pounder

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Crating Lobster

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Ken & Joe

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Lobster

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Water View

  • Seaview Lobster Co - Storage Bins

  • Seaview Lobster Co.



    Seaview Lobster Co.

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