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Divine Prime Ribeye Roast

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays at Yoke’s Say hello to the most incredible roast you’ll ever lay a fork to—Yoke’s very own beef ribeye. Some know it as prime rib. Officially, it’s called a ribeye roast. We call ours Divine, because it is. We start with our tender, fresh, never-frozen, mouthwatering Certified Hereford Beef, and age it 5-weeks to absolute perfection. Yoke’s also handles all the preparation—including pre-seasoning if you wish—so it’s oven-ready and easy. The rib bones are even trimmed and tied for easy serving. Order yours early to make this year’s holiday feast your best one ever—at least ‘til next year.

  • Divine Prime Thick cut slice of Divine Prime Ribeye Roast

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