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Spiced Wine

In the next few weeks, the weather is expected (finally) to take a dip into the 60's. With that in mind, it is becoming perfect time for spiced wine, or mulled wine as some people call it. It is also called "Gluhwein" and some wineries in the area actually bottle it and sell it.

This drink is one of those seasonal items that makes you happy on all fronts. It tastes delicious, it makes your house smell good, it literally warms you up and with the added brandy, it doesn't take many glasses to bring a smile to your face.


Welcome to the Wine Blog

Hi there, and welcome to the wine section of the Yoke's Blog! My name is Claire McCool, and I am the wine stewardess at the Kennewick store. I've been with Yoke's for a little over a year and have been involved in the wonderful Washington wine industry for the past seven years.


Welcome to the Produce Blog!

Hi! My name is Jeff Pichette and I am excited to be able to share great stories and information about what is going on in the Produce Department here at Yokes! I have over 20 years of Produce experience to share and you can find me at our Deer Park location 5-days a week. My goal is to keep you posted on great new items and maybe even share some special savings from time to time.



Welcome to our blog page!

Here's where you are going to find great stories, product information and amazing ideas all brought to you by some of our highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic associates. They're the people you see day in and day out, on the sales floor, talking one-on-one to guests like you throughout our company. You probably are even on a first name basis with some of them. And now share their knowledge on a much larger platform!